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More than 20 years of developing, training, & running a successful business.

Since 1996 I’ve worked at software companies, financial agencies, healthcare, IT, and telecom as a web developer of all things eCommerce. I’ve spent years helping corporations and their employees to get online and understand how to conduct business online. Now, I can help you learn the tips, tricks, and resources that’ll make a big difference in your success with running your own freelance business or your own e-commerce online store!

Sharon Yates coaches people how to succeed with WooCommerce

Introducing the WooMentor!

Build Your WooCommerce Skills with the WooMentor!

Have you been looking for help in learning WooCommerce? Have you been wanting to create your own e-commerce website but not quite sure how or where to start?

Or, do you want to specialize in WooCommerce so you can increase your consulting fees and make yourself a niche WooCommerce developer?

Join the WooMentor’s one-on-one coaching and weekly online sessions and get your store up and running! Avoid the plugin trials and errors trap to achieve your goals faster.

Create a Thriving Business Online!

WooCommerce One-on-One Coaching and Online Course

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