Do the Woo Podcast with Sharon Yates

Do the Woo Podcast with Sharon Yates

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I’m so excited to announce my interview with BobWP on his podcast Do the Woo! Mendel Kurland, developer advocate for WooCommerce at Nexcess also joined us for the conversation.

A Diverse Web Career Leading to WooCommerce with Sharon Yates






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Sharon Yates

Hi there! My name is Sharon! I live in the city and am obsessed with creating a profitable online digital business that helps others create their success.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love PINK! And absolutely a little PURPLE! 😃 I’m an avid scuba diver 🤿 and beach lover. 🏖️ I love traveling ✈️ to beautiful exotic locations around the world. I can even officiate your wedding and I have married 👰 one lovely couple to date.  Although I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit around the world, there are still more locations on my list to explore! 🗺️

I want share everything I know about websites, social media marketing, e-commerce and running a successful business.

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